Good news! I have accepted a new graduate RN position on a PCU at UCSD!

I am beyond blessed and relieved! You would think after NCLEX all your worries would go away. No, that is only the beginning. Now you must actually land a job to use that hard earned RN license! I was more stressed between passing the NCLEX and finding a new grad position than I was studying for the NCLEX! So much so that I ended up taking a part-time aesthetic RN position until I landed a new grad RN position (blog post to come on that later). Why do you care about this anyways? Because, I can now pass on my pearls of wisdom to YOU!

So you passed the NCLEX, now what?

This is my checklist for those of you who want a new graduate RN position in a hospital setting. For those of you who do not, my next post will cover applying to clinics and med spas!

  1. Find out when applications for new graduate RN positions in your desired area open & apply ASAP!

    1. Google “HOSPITAL NAME RN New Grad Program” and it should pull up the link
    2. Here are links to the ones in the SD area
      1. UCSD (No official application period AKA check job board everyday)
      2. Sharp
      3. Scripps
      4. Rady
      5. Alvarado (No official application period AKA check job board everyday)
      6. Palomar
  2. Build a portfolio! I recommend having an online and hard copy.

    1. Online portfolio allows you to market yourself anytime and anywhere! It also shows your technology skills and allows recruiters/interviewers to see files that you cannot include in the portfolio!
      1. I also include the link in my email signature.
      2. I recommend using Wix or Weebly
        1. Here is a link to mine! Please do not copy it, but let it serve as an example.
        2. I bought the domain name for $12/yr. from google!
    2. Hard-copy portfolio is what you will bring to the interviews. Your interviewer will not have the means or time to see your online portfolio.
      1. Tips:
        1. Have a color/design theme
        2. Include pictures
        3. Use stock paper or regular paper with a clear protector
        4. Use a portfolio cover
        5. Include summaries of your work… not the entire essay/powerpoint (but you can offer the link to your online portfolio that has the full files!)
      2. This is how I organized mine:
        1. Table of Contents
        2. Cover Letter (personalized to the unit/interviewers)
        3. Resume
        4. Letters of Reference
        5. Volunteer Experience (with pictures and summaries of each)
        6. Baccalaureate Nursing Competencies (examples of best work from nursing school)
        7. Awards and Certificates
  3. Prepare for the interview!

    1. Search possible questions (coming to resources section soon!)
    2. Have a couple stories in your arsenal for situational questions
    3. Have a PROFESSIONAL “tell me about yourself” answer! Do not tell them you are a single parent going through a divorce… that is not what they want to hear!
  4. Optional/Feeling Desperate?

    1. Make a LinkedIn account
    2. Make a GlassDoor account
    3. Get any RN experience you can
      1. Seasonal/per-diem flu clinics
        1. Passport Health
        2. Priority RN
      2. Part-time clinic positions (search craig’s list, linkedin, glassdoor, and indeed)