Wooohooo! I finally got my results from the NCLEX… and I passed.

Here is a guide on what I recommend to make this process as painless as possible depending on how much time you have to study!

More than a month before your NCLEX date….

  1. Start practicing NCLEX style questions early
    1. My nursing program had us doing both Kaplan and Saunders questions the first semester
      1. Side Note: I prefer Kaplan to Saunders when it comes to practice questions.
    2. By our last semester, our homework was doing 100+ questions a week through residency
  2. Know your content
    1. Know your labs
    2. Know your body systems (A&P)
      1. Side Note: Saunders is great for studying content, but the questions are not NCLEX style.
    3. APU does a Kaplan week the last week of 4th semester, which was also a helpful review
    1. If you don’t know why you got a question wrong, you will likely get it wrong again
    2. My personal recommendation is to do less questions if it means you will remediate all your questions
    3. Don’t just read it. This is the least effective way for most people to learn. I had a notebook I would write down all the questions I had to remediate.

One month before your NCLEX date…

  1. Priority = NCLEX questions AND Remediation
    1. You should be doing 75 a day… if you can do more that is even better!
    2. I personally love UWorld!! It was almost identical to the NCLEX! Kaplan does not give great rationales. Saunders was just too simple.
  2. Review Content
    1. This can be guided by the questions you are guessing on or getting wrong
      1. For me, this was be pharm, peds, & L&D
    2. If you can afford it, I recommend HURST review for reviewing content
      1. One chapter a day was perfect. The videos do an excellent job on focusing on what’s important.
      2. The videos are also paired with a workbook that you fill out as you watch the videos!
      3. I was gifted this, and I would not have bought it otherwise because it is expensive. Only get this if you are really struggling with content or if you can afford it!

Less than a week before your NCLEX exam…

    1. Do & remediate as many as you can a day
      1. If you have not studied at all before, I recommend 150 Q/day.
      2. Use the app and do them whenever you have time. It does not have to be 150 all at once.
    2. If you guessed on a question because you do not know the content of the question, THEN look up the content specific to that question.
  2. Focus on endurance
    1. The last 2 days you should do at least 75 questions in one sitting each day. This is to prepare you for the exam environment.

The night before the exam…

  1. Relax.
    1. This is hard I know, but you don’t want to be burnt out for the NCLEX.
  2. Know your testing site.
    1. Know where it is, how long it takes to get there with/without traffic.
    2. Know where parking is and how much it is.
  3. Prepare everything the night before in your NCLEX bag
    1. Have your ID (I had my license and passport just in case) ready
    2. Set an alarm to get to the site 30 minutes before your exam time.
    3. Pack a sweater (it is usually cold in the room).
    4. Leave chapstick, water, and snacks in your bag. You can’t bring them, but you can get them during breaks. Nothing goes in the room, but you and your license!
    5. ***Long-haired ladies! Do not wear a hairstyle that requires a hair clip. Hair clips are not allowed!