Whew! I survived 3rd semester. I went in knowing very little about OB/GYN and pediatric care, but came out knowing a whole lot!

This is one of the most challenging semesters. However, most say it is downhill from here. I have not worked with children in at least a decade, and never experienced L&D or any OB setting. This made for quite the learning curve while trying the balance the heavy time commitment of two writing courses.
My schedule looked a little like this:
  • Monday: Maternal/Newborn 0930-1200 & Bioethics 1300-1600
  • Tuesday: Maternal/Newborn Clinical 0630-1500
  • Wednesday: Research 1200-1600 & Peds 1630-1830
  • Thursday: Peds Clinical 1130-1930
  • Fridays: Some are free, some are sim labs, and some are for Christian Formations 0900-1700


The key to passing this class depends on your writing skills and your ability to work in teams. You will be writing a research paper, but in a team. The teams are randomly assigned. There is quite a bit of work that goes into this research paper, but over the course semester you will right in small parts. I liked this because it not only makes sure you don’t fall behind, but you get feedback on each part. At the end, you put it all together into a term paper and present it as a group. If you can make sure to delegate and stay on top of the work, you will do well! I recommend finding a good research question and theory as soon as you receive your syllabus!


This is one of the most difficult writing classes I have ever taken. I highly recommend reading the syllabus and following every since detail to get a good grade. There are a few small easy writing assignments, but the tough one is the policy paper. Find a CA or federal policy ASAP! Everyone must do a different one so make sure to try to get your first pick, but have at least two options to get approved. I recommend finding policies with plenty of current research. You also want to easily be able to apply 2 bioethical principle of Beauchamp and Childress. I got it done as early as I could ahead of time so I could have one classmate peer review it, the professor look at it, and the writing center look at it. If you happen to choose a CA policy, http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov is a great resource. You can look up actual senate, assembly, etc. documents and cite them in your paper! You can find these by looking at the “Bill Analysis”  after typing in your bill to the website.

Maternal & Newborn

While I have a great respect for OB nurses, I must admit it is not my passion. You will want to make sure you know EFM, your L&D meds/antidotes, APGAR, importance of fundus massage, and BUBBLE HEAVN. Remember that you always have 2 patients. If baby isn’t doing well, mom soon won’t be doing well. If mom isn’t doing well, baby isn’t doing well. Make sure to finish all your case studies (citing everything) and studying for your quizzes each week. Everything you need to know is from her slides. Some weeks there is quite a bit of material so make sure to stay on top of it. Also, focus on the study guides! They are pretty close for what is on the exam.I will be posting my study guides as soon as I polish them up for you guys!


I actually really enjoyed pediatrics! I am very torn between pediatric critical care and adult critical care. Luckily, this semester I will get to experience adult ICU. I love the population and having parents as resources is an invaluable asset as a nurse if you incorporate them in the care. The hardest part of pediatrics was knowing the different stages of development. I don’t have kids and have worked with kids in a very long time. However, it is doable! I would study the powerpoint slides covered in class. Focus on the the differences between different pathologies and how to assess for the first s/sx. I will also be posting pediatric study guides once I have polished them up as well.

Christian Formations

This was a relatively easy class and more of an escape from the other classes. it allows you time to focus on your mental and spiritual well-being. There are some assignments focused on reflection, but no quizzes or exams!


I apologize for the absence. Holidays are always crazy! I will be releasing the study guides once a month until I catch up on fixing them up. Hopefully, I can release them sooner once I get settled into this semester. All study guide/resource notifications will emailed to subscribers 🙂

I have updated the FAQ with books I recommend buying/renting from 3rd semester. I will do the same for 4th semester once I know what is actually required.