Hello all!

I’ve been a little MIA. I know. Hopefully, you are all staying busy studying all my resources! Peds and OB aren’t too difficult, but I am not particularly interested in OBGYN so I am finding it challenging to get myself to study in that class.

Coming Soon

1. As always, I will be posting what helped, what to avoid, and what to expect for your OBGYN and Peds rotations
2. More resources! Over winter break, I will begin posting all my refined notes I am spiffing up for you guys! Notifications will be sent through my subscriber list so subscribe with your email if you have no already.
3. Pics from a couple mini trips I took that you might want to check out if you are in the LA or SD areas!

More Life Hacks!

  1. UNiDAYS

    Never heard of it? Neither did until Apple sent me a little email saying that if I was a student I could pay $5 a month for Apple Music instead of $14! All you need is a school email (ending in .edu). They also have student discounts for a bunch of stores and what not, but I’m just in it to the music 🙂 Click here for the link!

  2. EyeBuyDirect

    I have mentioned this before and gotten a ton of questions from both people I know and people I don’t. I like this website because they are so cheap compared to the $300 I paid for my last glasses years ago (and that’s after the insurance is applied). They aren’t designer brand, but they are super cute. The have so many different styles and are always having sales. The only catch is you must know your prescription, which you can easily request from your provider. The rest of the info you can measure yourself (width of head, distance between eyes, etc.) if you want a super customized pair of glasses.

My favorite thing about this site (besides the price) is the preview tool! Since they are cutting out the middleman and you are ordering online, you can see what they would look like by uploading a photo of yourself and using the “Try On” feature. The photo below was the winning pair I ended up purchasing! They usually have sales, but if they don’t you can use my discount code (IF9D6W9E4H) when you check out for $10 off. Link to the site here!