… nope, its not sepsis. It’s litigation.

I have very mixed feelings about medical malpractice litigation. I think the intention is to protect patients from HCP/HCW who do not know what they are doing, working outside their scope, or acting irresponsibly.

Of course, it seems like our society has become “sue happy”. They abuse the system due to greed and the opportunity of fattening their wallet.

SO…. how do we protect ourselves from the people we are trying to save?

1. Find out what kind of protection/coverage you have.

Most employers and nursing programs will cover you to a certain extent and in certain situations. If you stop at a car crash (which you are obligated to do as a licensed medical professional), you may not be covered if someone  decides to sue you.

2. Determine if you need additional coverage.

I had always assumed the employer/nursing programs covered you entirely. However, I was surprised to learn that many of the professors (who are also NPs) and some of the other students had additional coverage. It never hurts to have additional coverage, especially when there are affordable options.

3. Do your research.

NSO/HPSO were recommended to me by both students and current NPs. The Nursing Student coverage ended up being only like $28/yr, which I thought couldn’t hurt in case I ever needed it. I always prefer a referral from someone I know, but please comment any organizations you use that I can add to the list!



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