I have added an FAQ tab to my blog!

If you can’t tell already, my blog is mostly geared towards nursing students (specifically APU), but I try to answer questions to anyone who comments! If I don’t know the answer, I usually know who to refer you to!

These are questions that have been asked frequently in my comments. I hope this helps you find the information you are looking for easier! These are a quick summary of answers to FAQs so if you are looking for more information I would recommend browsing my blog posts or using the search tool (to the right).

Keep asking you questions! They help me know how to help you and are also questions that future nursing students will ask!

Update on Me!

I am beginning the 3rd semester (OBGYN/Peds). I will try to keep you updated on this completely uncharted territory for me. I tend to do most of my posting half way through and at the end of semesters. However, you can count on at least on new resource to be updated to the Resources tab weekly! Email subscribers are notified anytime anything is added to the resources or when a new blog post is up! I would recommend subscribing because I will eventually be only releasing the password to subscribers. Also, I don’t post a blog post every time I upload notes to the Resources tab.