Hello Summer Break!

I have finally finished my second semester of nursing school! I think I did well, but the final verdict will come out with the grades! I am now enjoying my time with friends and family back in Nor Cal! I also got to see the GOT installation in SF!

As promised, I have begun uploading notes that I made and used for my nursing classes thus far. I started condensing and editing my most recent ones from second semester (hematology and pharmacology). However, I realized that for most of you my first sets of notes might be more useful. I have gone back through my files and started on material I used to prep for nursing school (mostly anatomy/physio) and notes from my first semester. Please bear with me as the aren’t as pretty as my more recent notes (like my neuro notes). As with everything, I have gotten better with time so the first notes from when I first started are very basic and less visually appealing BUT still useful!

Note: These are meant to supplement your learning! You should already have a basic understanding of the topics. My notes will be more beneficial to you if you use them to review and study as opposed to learning for the first time. Also, I highly recommend making your own notes! As I make my notes, I am actively learning and studying. Repeated exposure = quicker recall!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or comment. I am still trying to figure out how to make videos on tips/tricks that can’t be explained through written words (like memorizing lab values).