The resources tab is now up!

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This is where I will be posting all my notes, tricks, tips, and hopefully videos soon enough. I have made it password protected just to monitor the access and for comply with copyright laws that allow me to share this information for educational purposes. For now, I will be posting the passwords within my blog posts (and emailing them to those who are subscribed). Eventually, I will be transitioning to only releasing the passwords to those subscribed, but I will let you know before I do so!

The form I uploaded is a list of common meds that I was advised to know the first semester since we do not have Pharm until second semester in my program. While you will not be expected to know all of them your first day, you will definitely have the upper hand if you are familiar with them.

Once the semester is over, I plan on making a video going through all the medications I have tricks for remembering to look out for that. In the mean time, here is a chart I came across to help remember some of them by endings! Password is SaveALife!