Woohoo! Finally got my grade back from my first semester of nursing school!

Spring 2017 = 4.0!!

This is such a huge motivator since I am starting to feel stressed with second semester. It sucks because its during summer in SD. Its hard to study when I its so nice outside and I’m 10 minutes form the beach *sigh*. Here is a littler personal update on my life and what I did over spring break. I went to Coachella for my first time! My best friends took me to a lounge overlooking San Francisco including a surprise visit from one of my friends I have seen in FOREVER! I loved this because I am relatively hard to surprise, but I do love surprises.

I also had a chance to visit the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA and Holy Matcha in North Park of SD. Those photos will be posted soon, but for now here is a view into my break!