Voila! My homemade white board! This may seem like a flimsy piece of polished fake wood to you, but to me this white board is like a MAJOR UPGRADE.

Let take you through a quick trip through the evolution of my study style.

*NOTE: If you want to skip why I use it and just get to the part on getting one, scroll to the bottom!

Since Forever through High School

re-writing everything I wanted to memorize on paper with pencil (Can you hear the thousands of trees crying?)

Freshmen Year of College

Re-writing everything I wanted to memorize on paper with pen and HIGHLIGHTERS (Woah! This is Visual/Kinetic Learner Gold right here!)

Last Year of College (Super Senior *eye roll*) to Last Week of the First Semester of Grad School

Raw typing and Organizing my notes

I memorize better by writing and highlighting and organizing how the info. makes sense in my brain the information visually. However as my workload increased, I had to find a way to save time. I began typing all my notes while in class (what I like to call Raw Typing). Then later, my review would be to organize (how it makes sense in my brain) those notes utilizing bold, underline, colors, etc. and inserting graphs/images where I liked.
I prefer Pages (by Mac) because it is easier for me to format with images/graphs/etc. which I use frequently.
Also, I wasn’t going through hundreds of pieces of paper every semester. (Yay for the environment!)

NOW = Second Semester of Grad School

  1. I will type my notes from class
  2. Review by re-organizing them into how the info. make sense in my brain
  3. Study by writing out all the most important info on the white board.
    • In my picture you see the Endo system. I put everything I needed to know for that system on the board so I could soak it all in as one big picture. LITERALLY.

I still do my raw typing to brain organization technique. However, I dearly missed the kinetic satisfaction of writing. During last semester, we had a group study sesh in one of the classrooms. We put all the major disease processes we need to know by system on the white board. It felt so good to be able to WRITE it out AND be able to organize by COLOR with the markers WITHOUT going through ridiculous amounts of paper. It dawned on me that one of my good friends in med school mentioned he has a white board at home. I now totally see why! Not only is it useful to those who learn by writing, BUT its honestly so fun to write on the white board.


You can buy a nice, fancy already made one that usually come sin different sizes with different markers and erasers (EXPENSIVE)


You can do it the Bri way and make your own!

  1. Know the measurements you want for your board!
    • I got mine 5 ft by 3 ft. so I can hide it behind my armoire when I’m not using it. 
  2. Go to Home Depot/Lowes.
    • I personally went to Home Depot.
  3. Get a cart that can push a long piece of wood because they usually come in HUGE sizes
  4. Look for White Panel Boards or some slight variation of that name. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! They are very handy at Home Depot!
    • It feels nice and smooth BUT for some reason super absorbs the marker!
    • It works like one time and doesn’t come off. TRUST ME!
  6. Take it to where they have the saw (usually in the back), and they will cut it to your dimensions FOR FREE!
  7. You know have a great white board for only $12! You can go buy whatever markers and erasers to suit your needs!