So it happened… I got my first B.

Granted it is only an 89, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my ego a little. What made it worse is that I also go a 90 on my med/surg exam.

I deserved the 90 because I’m weak on my cardio concepts and I didn’t study as hard as I should have, but my paper?! My paper I actually worked really hard on! I even met with the professor to go over it before I turned it in! I’m posting this because despite my slight embarrassment and disappointment in myself I know someone reading this will experience the same thing. You made it this far because you have high standards. Having high standards is an excellent characteristic to have, but no one is perfect.

I had to step back and look at it differently. I got an A (barely) on a concept I am really weak on that I didn’t spend too much studying (… and I probably should have skipped margaritas the night before too BUT it was a special occasion). Yes, others got a better score. Some studied harder than I did and deserved, and some are just really good at cardio. This score is not a reflection of who I am.

Papers are so subjective when it comes to grading. This is the first APA paper I’ve written in a long time. Do I think I deserve a better score… Yes! However, that’s life. The passing grade is a B-. Will I stop aiming for A+s… LMAO NO! BUT I need to remember that I am well over passing and now I simply know what I need to focus on.

Don’t take your losses as losses. A loss is only a loss if you don’t turn it into a gain. Learn from it. It’s a gained lesson… not a lost opportunity.


SIDE NOTE: Yes, I realize I’m pouting over an 89 and 90 while my grades in the classes are still As AND many in my class are in the B range. I have nothing to cry over, but if you are struggling to maintain a B. Use your resources! APU has tutoring AND mentors! FOR FREE! USE THEM! If you don’t go to APU, I’m sure your school has some sort of similar resource. If those aren’t working and you are struggling on a particular concept, comment what body system/concept/whatever it is here and I can share what I used to get it down 🙂