APU requires 4 hours of volunteer service a semester. I love this because I love volunteering anyways. They provide you with so many choices, resources, and opportunities for choosing how you want to complete your service for the semester. My friend in the program and I chose the SD Half Marathon.

Besides waking up at 4AM to get there by 6AM (ON DAYLIGHT SAVINGS), it was really fun! I highly recommend it for those of you in the SD area.  We were at the medical tent at Mile 12. I have to be honest I was a little nervous. What if someone collapsed? What if someone had a heat stroke? I knew how to recognize it, but not much on how to treat it. I was fully equipped with a stethoscope, watch, and BP cuff, but luckily didn’t have to use any of them. Our station had 2 MDs, 1 RN, and 7 nursing students total. We mostly provided ice packs, ice/hot spray, and salt/pretzels. We gave out a ton of vaseline and did a ton of cheering!

It was so inspiring to see all the different types of people running/walking. I didn’t get to use many of my skills except visually assessing runners to ask if they might need assistance. However, it was great for networking! Everyone had a ton of knowledge to share and also offered their contact information for any future questions!