So while working on my paper for one of my classes, I found myself on FB watching this video (which should tell you how much I care about this paper):

This speaks volumes to me! Anyone who used to know me (before starting nursing school) know I run on “Bri Time”. If you receive a reward from your sorority for perpetual lateness, you know you have a problem.

Know one would probably guess that I am now usually 5-10 minutes early for every class and clinical since starting the program. That’s because I want it. I want to be there. I want to learn. I want to be the best nurse practitioner I can be and I WANT IT BAD!

I don’t know when or why it happened exactly, but I would say about a year ago I began to change.

I stopped saying yes when I want to say no.
I stopped doing things I did not see a purpose in.
I stopped investing time and energy in anything that did not fulfill me.
I stopped investing time and energy in anyone who did not mean something to me.

It was hard at first because I like making people happy. I like helping people. I wouldn’t be in nursing if I didn’t, but the easier it become the more revived I started to feel. I wasn’t so exhausted from meeting everyone else’s needs before mine. People who do not understand will see this as selfish, but I have no regrets because I know I mean no offense.

I am not sorry that I would rather have quality time at home then spend $$ getting hit on my strangers at a bar.
I am not sorry I would rather study and ace my exam than attend the birthday of someone who doesn’t ever remember mine.
I am not sorry I no longer go out Thursday through Sunday and instead wake up every morning ready to make the most of my day.
I am not sorry if you have been cut out of my life because you filled my life with negativity.

Why am I telling you this? This unknowingly prepared me for nursing school. I now have no problem making my education a priority. For those of you who are not used to this, you may be overcome with guilt your first semester after repeatedly shooting down invitations to study or underperforming due to accepting to many invitations. I promise you and those you love will be okay. You will all adapt and they will cherish when you do say yes BECAUSE THEY WILL KNOW YOU MEAN IT.