Things I am thankful for this week:

  1. ACING my first nursing exam
  2. Completing week 3 of my nursing program
  3. Surviving my first clinical shift with an assigned nurse in the hospital
  4. I randomly got a check in the mail for around $170 from some corporate retail  settlement I was unaware of.
  5. I unexpectedly got a new stove/oven compliments of my PM/landlord today.
  6. My boyfriend’s boss is considering letting him work remotely (AKA no more long distance)


I am telling you find something to believe in and put your whole heart in it. Spirituality has a strong positive correlation with better mental health and well-being. I will try to find the article and cite it here when I have a free time (AKA end of the semester).

For me, I am Christian so that would be a spirit called God. I am non-denominational meaning I don’t completely agree with any one subdivision of Christianity, but I do believe in the basic foundation underlying each: GOD.

My spiritual journey was a long with with lots of twists and turns from being very religious to not at all religious to spiritual. I say spiritual because I have found I don’t completely align with any one religion. I find I most identify with Christianity, but I also believe in certain aspects of other religions. I guess you could call me a Comprehensive Christian, but that story will have to be for another day.

You may say, “How can you possibly be spiritual AND a nurse (aka believer in science)?”  Well, that will also have to be a post for another day.

Ever since, I came back around to being spiritual and closer to who I believe God is. I cannot begin to describe how things have worked in my favor. And that is saying A LOT because if you know me personally, you know I am an abnormally lucky person for the most part *knock on wood*. Even the events that I initially thought were absolute, unfortunate disasters, ended up being an answer (greater than I could have imagined) to my prayers in disguise.