Sunday PM: What if everyone is smarter than me?! What if I get below a B?! At least our scrubs are wine colored, that has to be a sign 😉

Monday AM: OMG this is going to be so hard. What if I have to drop out?!
Monday PM: The first day wasn’t so bad.

Tuesday AM: Woke up thinking I would finish 1 class worth of reading (4 chapters), but only finished 1.5 chapters.
Tuesday PM: OMG Im going to fail.
*I only got through 2 chapters THE WHOLE DAY (with a mini break to build my couch #independent).

Wednesday AM: This is inhumane. I’m going to explain to the professor its unreasonable to absorb 200 pages a day when every single word is important
*remember this is nursing not communications
Wednesday PM: I’ve been going about this all wrong. Focus on lectures and use text for clarification. I can do this.

Thursday PM: OMG how am I going to survive a 12 hour shift?!

Friday AM: I am so tired. 12 hours is inhumane.
Friday PM: Okay a 12 hour shift is doable. I think I can do this…. after a really long nap.

I am going to end this semester with a post about things for new nursing students. It will pretty much be life hacks for nursing students, but if you find yourself needing any tips now feel free to reach out! I already have a few tools in my arsenal!

P.S. S/O to Ellaine & Edith for my engraved stethoscope <3