Thoughts I had when moving from Norcal to SD …

Why are there so many free ways?
NOTE: Once you get used to it, they make getting ANYWHERE so much easier and faster

Why so I sweat so easily now?
NOTE: I got used to the humidity within a couple weeks

OMG the beach is SO close!
NOTE: It’s impossible to go everyday like you think you will.

EW! Is this what they call water?
NOTE: Invest in a Brita. I use it for my dog too.

Wasn’t the forecast predicting rain?
NOTE: Coming from Norcal where rain can mean flooding. Rain here means sprinkle/cloudy.

Reporter: Heatwave sweeping through San Deigo
NOTE: LOL their “heat wave” means high 90s

Why is rent so expensive? I can’t even see the beach.
NOTE: I haven’t had to use my air/heat at all because of the nice weather… SAVINGS!