I don’t really do new year resolutions anymore because they don’t work. It’s fun and all, but if you’re not doing it because you truly want to then you will usually fall back into your old ways. I think you should always be trying to be a better person for yourself and for others. Why wait until New Years? However, I do like that for people who really do want to change for the better if offers a more concrete timeline to begin their personal journey.

So what do I do? I set goals I want to complete that year. Isn’t that multiple NY resolutions? No. This is different from a new years resolution. A NY resolution you can begin any year and start over every year if you want. These are goals that I can only complete in the window of 2017. They aren’t all something I will completely enjoy or love. They won’t be easy BUT they will make  me a better person. I don’t necessarily want to do all of them, but I want the end result that they will provide so here is my line up.

2017 Line Up feat. Gucci*

  1. New Years in a new place

  2. Drive to SD with all my belongings in a 16’moving truck

  3. Move myself into my first apartment (with the help of my dad and brother whom I owe so much to)

  4. Survive my first night ALONE in my new apartment that I’m living in ALONE (besides Gucci)

  5. Survive my first year of grad school**

  6. Survive my first year of a nursing program**

    Here’s the deal…

Either you wake up to someone else’s agenda or you wake up to your own – Me 🙂

**Yes, 5 & 6 are two separate goals because it is one thing to finish a nursing program and one thing to finish a grad program. I am not putting down other majors, but nursing is usually one of the hardest majors. Simple facts… to do both at the same time will demand every essence of my focus and being.
*Gucci is my 9 year old miniature poodle that is not only my first child but also roommate. S/O to all the single pet parents out there!