I’m not quite sure when Black Friday went hand in hand with Thanksgiving, but if you live in the US you know the two go together like potato and gravy.

Although I’ve always resented the people who turn it into a medieval battle over materialistic ambitions that will not matter the least bit when they are dead. When I hear of people stampeding others, assaulting one another over a tv, and treating retail workers with absolute disrespect, I understand why people hate Black Friday. I understand why people are disgusted by the loss of dignity associated with it. Especially with such good deals available online now! I heard this year that in California they did a “Green Friday”. All the parks gave out a limited number of free admission and parking passes, which I loved! However, I heard about it too late. All the ones  close to me were sold out.

However, I have partaken in it for the lasts few years with my younger brother. Here is why I’m not saying you should like it, by I’m saying you should be understanding of why other people do.

Why do I venture out into the unknown on Black Friday?

  • NOT for the deals although they are usually pretty good

(plot twist: the best deals are actually before Black Friday)

  • NOT because I can’t wait to lose my dignity over an electronic on sale.

(I’ve never personally gone in head to head battle over anything except maybe in a virtual online auction on eBay… where no violence is involved)

  • NOT to wait hours in parking lines then check out lines. If a line is too long or a store looks dangerously crowded, I simply turn right back around go to a different store. (YES! It is that easy!)
  • Because it has become “our thing” between my brother and I! 

Our parents give us Christmas that we use to buy our Christmas presents which they wrap and put under the tree. This takes away the element of surprise but neither of us believe in Santa at this point. This brings the element of looking for deals, patience, and budgeting. It is a way for us to do something together and hang out.
We don’t try to be first in line. We don’t camp out overnight. We enjoy each other’s company as we simultaneously shop and people watch only to later share details and good finds and the end of the day.

  • Also, it’s great cardio for indulging all day on Thanksgiving.

Are you a yay or nay for Black Friday?