Lucky me. I was won of the lucky attendees to Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour in Sacramento. Little did I know that he still had some steam to let off from his San Jose show. He supposedly ranted for 3 hours and performed for about 45 minutes. I can’t say whether that was less or more disappointing than the show I attended last Saturday, November 19, where he was not only:
1. almost an hour and a half late to his 9PM show
2. performed maybe 3 songs before ranting
3. BUT also left the stage shortly after 11 PM

His performance would have been awesome with the execution of his vision of a floating stage above the pit full of dancing fans literally emitting a contagious energy.

I am all for peaceful protests. I am all for speaking your voice. I am not for wasting people’s time, energy, and hard earned money. I am not for misleading people into thinking they are attending a show, but actually attended a rant. A rant so hard to follow that I am not even sure Kanye knew what Kanye was talking about. He began what seemed to be a shout out to Kid Cudi who he had brought on stage and saying Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Trump were awesome people. His speech then took a negative turn.

While exposing the music industry, politics, and media for corruption (which anyone with half a brain is already aware of), he also made the following allegations:
– Beyonce for rigging awards and stealing an award he deserved
– Jay Z for honestly God knows what… his rant was hard to follow
– Obama for I’m not sure what either
– Hillary Clinton for being corrupt
– Mark Zuckerberg for not helping Kanye out when he was in debt and focusing on aliens instead?
There may have been more, but I honestly couldn’t keep up.

I sense he has anger and frustration, but to me there has to be an underlying drugs abuse or mental issue. No person in their right mind would act that way. If he really wanted to reach people, would he not give the speech and still do the show. Thereby, giving an incentive for people to take his message to heart instead of anger them, lose fans, and lose money on the refunds that will and are bound to happen. I think my hypothesis of possible mental instability is further supported by this article I read that says he is canceling the rest of his tour. What other reason would someone give up all that fan support and millions of dollars than to get their mind right? I’m hoping he’s okay, but his actions say otherwise.

What do you think? Rant or not to rant? What’s the deal with Kanye?