Presidential Election 2016
I normally avoid talking about politics because
1. I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone.
2. I don’t anyone to force their beliefs on me.
3. Who/what I vote for is no one’s business, but my own.

Maybe one day, I’ll do a post on my political views because to me it seems like I am caught in the middle and forced to chose one. Why can’t I be a conservative Democrat or a liberal Conservative?

I was so excited for November 8 to come and pass because I thought maybe all the ridiculousness of this election would be over. I honestly didn’t care who won because neither were ideal in my opinion. However, it is day 2 after the 2016 Presidential Election and it seems like things have somehow gotten worse. There are riots, fighting, name calling, and unacceptable behavior spewing from both sides. More than ever our country needs unity, yet more than over our country is more concerned with condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with them. HELLO?! There are major national issues to focus on here!

How will riots change the outcome? How will they make others want see things from your view and compromise with you on major issues? Hurting someone else will not make the hurt inside you fade away. It will not cause the source of your pain to disappear.

If the election went the way you had hoped, be conscious of the immense pain and disappointment the other side is going through. Show compassion and kindness. Show them their worst fears will not come true. Listen to them. Work with them.

If the election didn’t go the way you hoped, channel that sorrow and despair into fuel to make things better. The power lies not with the president, but the people. Make your voice heard. Show others through example why you feel your beliefs are best for the country. You never know… by next election you might change  few minds.

President Obama gave a incredibly relevant speech following the outcome of the election. We are all Americans. We are all on the same team. We all want what is best for our country. I beg of you to think before you act/speak, and ask yourself will this make your country better.

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. More than anything be kind to each other. We are all in this together.