unity cup

If you have any access to social media, news media, or happens o not live under a rock, you have heard the big commotion about the Starbucks cups. The green “unity” cup has hit the public along with the classic holiday selection. Just like last year, ALL the Negative Nancys came out the wood works to complain about how the Starbucks holiday “Red Cup” didn’t meet their expectations.

Funny that just a couple days ago I heard on the radio that the Green Cups were coming out from now until closer to Thanksgiving to bring unity during this election time that has been so characterized by divide. Although customers would have to wait until mid-November for the infamous Red Cup, customers could start purchasing their favorite holiday classics now.

It had completely slipped my mind until today I saw an article from every popular news outlet about the outrage over these Red Cups. Seriously?! Aside from the fact that its looks like the product of someone under the influence of acid or possibly the mind of someone with schizophrenia…. A NEW PRESIDENT OF THE US is about to decided within a matter of days and THIS is what the news is reporting about? Don’t get me started on how corrupt and raised the news is, but this is seriously an all time low. Even worse are the people fueling and feeding this absurd new story… if you can even call it that.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. This is not important. There are more important things to worry about! Can someone explain to me what is going on?!