Moving is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite thing to do. I despise not having everything in order, and in constant worry that something is getting left behind, broken, or lost. However, I love the very physical and noticeable transition to a new start. It’s a great excuse to do a little “spring cleaning” no matter the season.

The older I become the less I seem to value material objects I once desired. I still have way too many shoes, clothes, and accessories than I should, but hey I’m working on it. With my most recent move, i uncovered things while packing that should have been gone so long ago. Here I am, 10 bags (YES! 10!) of donations/trash later, and I can’t even explain how I feel. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I never knew was there.

If you’re moving/just need a breath of fresh air, I suggest going through all your things and following these guidelines:

What you have? Clothes, Shoes, Purses, Jewelry, Etc.: I try to clean my closet out regularly by going through it an donating anything I have not worn in the past year with the exception of formal attire. This is SO hard to follow for somethings because I think they are still wearable, they are still in style/have come back in style, or it has some sort of sentimental value. However, if you haven’t worn it in a year, let someone who will wear it… have it.
What to do?
1. Sell it online: POSH and Ebay make great platforms for any clothes, shoes, or purses you want to sell. I take relatively decent pictures, a decent description, and a decent price… then boom some one is offering me money for stuff I don’t need/want. Sometimes I can feel like they are lowballing me, but I have to remember the sentimental value shouldn’t be included in the price.
2. Crossroads (or your local clothing exchange store): For clothing in season and good condition, take it to your local clothing consignment store. They can offer you cash or store credit for the good stuff. I usually take whatever they offer because chances are, I’m only way to the local donation center next.
3. Local Donation Center: Anything that isn’t selling… DONATE! Not only are you helping those in need, BUT you can ask for a receipt. Keep it for tax time because most donations are tax-deductible! If you’re left with a plethora of hangers from all the clothes you were able to get rid of (GO YOU!), Goodwill accepts hangers too! Write offs!

What you have? Electronics: I keep boxes for most of my expensive electronics if they have a life warranty. Although, now that I think about it I’ve never actually put one of those warranties to use. I recently came across a bunch of old chargers, cords, cameras, and my old iPhone. make sure to reset and wipe the memory of any electronics you’re selling!
What to do?
1. Sell it online: Ebay is the only place only I have used for this. Search the item and see what it is currently selling for. If it is lower than $10 I usually just donate it, it personally isn’t worth the hassle of posting, packing, and shipping to me.
2. Pawn Shops: I recently came across pawn shops for the first time. I always thought they were sketchy and unreliable, but after my boyfriend took me to my first one… I realized I might have been a little judgmental! I went to my local pawn shop with electronics, jewelry, cameras, and my old iPhone. They offered me a fair price for my gold jewelry (from exes that I never wear) and a old fujifilm camera. The other cameras were too old. They also mentioned they don’t accept iPhones anymore. Apparently, it encourages iPhone stealing, but he did advise me to check out the EcoATM found at most grocery stores.
3. EcoATM: I have passed this thing 1000 times at my local safeway, but never realized what it was! I thought it was a coinstar, but apparently it works just like an ATM and gives you cash for your phone! All you do it select the phone you want to sell, the charger type, and then it asks you to plug it in. It analyzes the phone and determines based on the condition, how much it will offer you. If you accept, it asks to insert your photo ID, takes a picture of you to match with your ID, and takes a thumb print. After that it literally shoots out cash for you! I like this because I had a old iPhone 5C with a crack in it that Sprint and Best Buy would not accept. However, EcoATM offered me $10 (not a lot, but I had no other offers). Also, if someone does sell a stolen phone, they can easily be reprimanded because of the thumb print and photo it takes. WIN WIN!
4. Donate: If all else fails, donate!

What you have? Documents & Old School Stuff: I keep all my academic work until my semester grade is in or until the end of the degree I’m working on. This is because professors are human too. In case they lose an assignment, put in the wrong grade (YES! i check my grades!), etc. I have proof of my work. Also, if I think it might be useful for a related class. I will keep it. Or if I happened to really enjoy the book AKA would read it leisurely I’ll keep it. Also any important lease, tax, medical, auto, etc. documents I keep in a file cabinet… for obvious reasons.
What to do?
1. Shred or Scan: I go through filed documents once a year and shred what is no longer needed/important. I usually only scan my tax return because it so small and the only time I ever need it is usually for some sort of application, etc. online so I would need to scan it anyways.
2. Toss or Recycle:  Yes, paper is recyclable! Once, I am sure I won’t need my academic papers (meaning I got my grade and or I won’t be taking anymore related classes… AKA I got my degree (Class 2014!), I have found a local place to recycle it! Just type in your zip code here! If you’re lazy, which sometimes if it’s a small amount of paper then I am too lazy, then just toss it! Rid yourself of unnecessary clutter!
3. KEEP School ID: Do not toss, shred, get rid of, etc.! Just because you are not in school does not mean you can’t use this! Most places give student discounts so hold on to that sucker… no one has to know you graduated 😉

Bri’s tips:
1. Follow the 1 year to determine if you get to keep or toss/donate
2. Always try to sell first!
3. Keep your school ID!
4. Ask for a donation receipt to save on your taxes

Let me know any tips you have for my next move in December!