La Jolla San Diego

Just got back from a weekend in San Diego. I’ve been busy with all the chores that accompany the pending move. San Diego was exactly what I needed. It was a time for reflection and re-focusing my perspective.

My parents and I drove down to see my brother for UCSD’s family weekend. Although, we didn’t follow the family weekend at all in typical Torok style. Instead, we created our own agenda and had some QT with a vacay ambiance that I don’t think we’ve had together in awhile. It was definitely needed. I know this is so cliche, but family really is everything. You can say whatever you want about family… no one’s is perfect. BUT it sure is nice to have one.
sandy toes sd
I left to San Diego not wanting to move. Well, I would love to be there, but I guess not READY to move. Somehow, something along the way clicked. I think I need to do this. I think I need to do this, and everything I worry about happening because of the move will work itself out. I left dreading having to move away from Gucci, my boyfriend, my gym, and most of all my support system. I left praying that I would get into SMU. I left hoping that by some miracle at the last second I would find out I get to stay. I was holding off on all the things I needed to get done for APU as long as I could so I wouldn’t waste time, money, and energy in case I got into SMU.

Yet, here I am. Back from SD with a completely different perspective. I’ve been checking places to live almost everyday. I’ve finished all my immunizations, started purchasing the uniform, and getting as much as I can get done this early… done! I’ve printed my schedule for the first semester and slowly started putting the wheels in motion. I’m ready.