slow drip

It is getting closer and closer to when I will begin my ELMSN program at whatever school it is that I will be attending. They all are for the spring 2017 cohort beginning in January. I have currently applied to all the programs I will be applying to… can I get an Amen now that I have that process checked off?? Here is where I stand so far:

Azusa Pacific University (SD) for ELMSN (includes BSN and NP specialty of my choice): Accepted; Deposit Paid; Currently working on all the immunizations, CPR, background check, etc. that I would have to do for any of the programs anyways.
USF (SF) for ELMSN-CNS: still waiting to hear back; don’t plan on accepting; I am mainly just waiting for this decision so that maybe I will move along the waitlist for SMU.
Samuel Merritt University (Sac) for ELMSN-FNP:  Waitlist #8; this was originally my number one… I think it still is, but I’m not sure the more I think about it. I will probably do a post on how I made my final decision once I hear back from all the schools. I think I am set on bring an FNP or Psych NP and this is only ~3 years AND close to home. Not having to worry about rent and living expenses is definitely appealing plus I would already have a friend in the program.
SMU (Sac) for ELMSN-CM: Accepted; Surprise, I made a last minute decision. They extended the deadline for this application because they needed more applicants. Although the director I met with was AMAZING and made me really want to consider case management, I don’t think I will accept. Yes, I could stay in sac. Yes, I could work and then finish the additional 2 years needed to be an FNP. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

As of now, it is full speed ahead with APU. If I get accepted to SMU for the FNP, then I will decide what to do from there.