The first time it happened, or perhaps I should say the first time I noticed the question, I was quite taken back. I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t know why I was so happy. Was I really that happy?

I pondered the question for awhile. Like everyone else, I have my ups and downs of life. I certainly don’t broadcast them on social media or even in general conversation for that matter. I am a relatively private person. I guess I am lucky because I am naturally a happy person. I have focused on gratitude and  appreciation for life so long that it has become quite natural. Unless I am in the heat of the struggle, I am usually relatively happy. It doesn’t make sense to agonize over things. If I am doing all I can do, why let it ruin my mood? Why let it ruin my mood which will indirectly ruin someone else’s mood?

I eventually had an answer. I told the person I was happy because I try to be. Such a simple answer, and yet I noticed almost once a week, sometimes more and sometimes less, I am asked that question. I guess  am just so happy to be alive and living my life. Bri’s life. That no matter what I am going through, happiness finds me. I may be overly optimistic trusting the fate and destiny will eventually work things out, but ask yourself this. Will it make things better to be unhappy?

I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. You only see as much of someone’s life as they want you to see. This became very apparent as I became more comfortable with this question. People were seeing my life  exactly as I wanted them to see it. I wanted them to see me happy. I wanted them to see me happy and want to be happy to you. True, I am not always happy, but why should that be anyone else’s problem?

If you are asking this question of me or of anyone, maybe you should start practicing this every morning when you wake up.
1. Identify any sources of unhappiness today, and how you can resolve/remove them.
2. identify one thing you a grateful to experience because you woke up alive today.
3. What are you going to give today in return for waking up alive? It could be something as big as volunteer work or a donation or as small as giving someone a hug or a compliment.
4. What goal will you accomplish for yourself today? Go to the gym? Actually get ready? Reach out to someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to?

At the end of the day, reflect and assess. What did you complete and what did you not? Use that to make tomorrow better. I have days where I could be a better person… a happier person, but I also have days where I know I am doing my best and just that alone makes me happy.