Politics in America seems to have come so far from what is was and not necessarily in a good way. Ideally, the American people each get to vote for who they think should be president. After each candidate presents their position on major issues, their plans while in office, and why they are the best candidate, the people elect the president based off whoever gets the most votes. Right? Wrong.

Maybe it was once like this. Maybe it will come back to this. The simple basics.
Here is my “Good, Bad, and Ugly” on politics and maybe I can open your eyes and/or  your heart:

The Good: Women can vote now. Minorities can vote now. We have many more resources to research potential candidates than when this country first started its electoral process.

The Bad: Candidates spend most of their time either defending insults and accusations from other candidates or throwing insults and accusations to other candidates. It seems to me little time is spent on the stance of major issues in our country. Instead, focus seems to be on who is more scandalous, and the media seems to only try to fuel this. You always see negative stories on the news, but never any of the good either candidate has done. (This is why I rarely watch the news).

While it is important to know about the scandals of potential candidates, everyone has a past. I am certainly not the person I was 10 years ago. i may not even wanted to be friends with the person I was 10 years ago, but that because I have consciously changed and evolved to be a better person. If someone has a PAST scandal, so what? Can we let them apologize and move on? Can candidates stop trying to dig up irrelevant gossip on each other and maybe instead investigate why or why not they did or did not so certain things to improve the welfare of our country?

The Ugly: I think the only thing worse than the fighting ring candidates are thrown into are the ugly sides of people that seem to rear their ugly faces during the height of voting season. I am all for being passionate, but insulting, name-calling, and stereotyping seems to emerge from the passionate views of people. Can we all agree that calling a candidate or party that you don’t agree with any sort of name does not only make your side less appealing to the opposition, but also greatly diminishes the value and validity of your argument?

You don’t trust Clinton? Say she is untrustworthy because of X, Y, and Z. Don’t call her a murderous B.

You don’t like Republicans? Say you disagree with most Republican views on major issues in the country. Don’t call them all white trash bigots or idiots.

If anything, take away from this message to do your research. Don’t fall for the first meme you see just because it aligns with your views. Be conscious of other people’s feelings. How would you feel if millions of people called you “Killary”?It is okay to disagree with someone. It is not okay to not be kind. Be a role model for your party and your party’s views, and people might just follow your lead. Be knowledgeable about the candidates and the major issues, and you won’t have to resort to poor worded insults to justify your arguments. Be kind to one another.

At the end of the day, the president only has so much power. We have to each make an effort to change the country for the better. Get off your social media and go actually do something about what you care about! It all starts with us.