How often do you dream having no responsibilities? You could RVSP to any engagement you like, be in attendance to all your loved ones’ events, and never have to stress over work relationships or environments. Most of us dream of that because it’s never a possibility. It’s a dream so out of reach. I can tell you right now. You don’t want that.
I was lucky to have a period in my life where I was able to quit all my jobs for a year. I learned many things that year. Although I was working on the future goals, it was quite possibly the most “purposeless” year of my life. I felt empty and occasionally depressed throughout the whole year. I was looking for whatever it is I thought I would find with my new found freedom. I realized this was not what I wanted. For some it might be fulfilling enough to party and travel day and night without any worries or cares, but my life needed more meaning. I needed to leave behind a legacy.

Still don’t believe me? At the hospital I volunteer at, quite a few of the volunteers are not only elderly and retired, but have some form of a disability. They want to work. They want to have responsibilities. Shouldn’t these folks who have been working all their lives be ready to relax? It hit me. No. There would be no purpose. Nothing to push them to stay active. Nothing to push to be present in society.

Boredom is poison for the human mind and body. It doesn’t have to be a 9-5 job or a grandiose project, but we all need something. For a healthy mind, we need purpose. The sooner you find a purpose for yourself… the sooner you will be happy.