SF Clock

Some new developments in my unpredictable life right now.

Currently moving from my adorable midtown apartment in Sacramento to my parents. They have been gracious enough to help me while I go to school. Since I will be out of school until January it doesn’t seem right to put this burden on them, especially since my brother just started at UCSD. Also, I need to save up for nursing, and living at my parents is kind of like my little staycation when I need an escape. Then, my mom just recently broke her rest so she needs help until it heals. All the signs seem to be pointing in this direction for now.

Also, my APU representative sent an email for a housing arrangement. I will be at an ocean view condo for only $500 a month! I would be living with an elderly woman who has a caregiver everyday and just wants someone to be around at night and maybe occasional cooking. I followed up with this, but am still gathering more info before I decide on anything. I did want my own place if I moved to SD, but it is so price! Plus, maybe she would be okay with Gucci 🙂

Spoke with a friend who is in the ABSN program at SMU. She was on the waitlist for her program AND was also number 9! This gives me hope! However, they are different programs AND her cohort is 50 instead of 24 like mine. This might affect the movement of the waitlist, but it gives me hope!

I’ve been praying like crazy i get into SMU. I feel like I can stop feeling anxious until i find out for sure if I am in or not!