I recently found out I had been put on the waitlist for the Spring 2017 cohort for Samuel Merritt University’s ELMSN program. I am currently waitlisted at number 9. This isn’t good news, but it isn’t bad news either (which would have been a decline). I wanted to get in bad. So bad. Mostly because it is close to my family, friends, support system, but most importantly because I could move in with my parents (save on rent/bills) and be with my dog. Silly, I know. One of my top two reasons is my miniature poodle, Gucci, because to me she is like my child. I don’t know how I will go months without seeing her, but I don’t feel right taking her. She is a huge people puppy and loves human companionship. At my parents, she never goes more than a few hours without someone being home.

My mind is currently all over the place so this is my trying to keep myself from obsessively checking all for updates on the thread myself and other applicants for this cohort communicate on.

Here is where I currently stand with my choice of schools I applied to:
They are all for a ELMSN program that starts in spring 2017.
1. APU, San Diego location: Accepted; 1/2 of deposit down
I have been accepted to the APU ELMSN program in SD. It is a really good program. It is private, but not only will I be an RN and NP at the end of it I also have the option to specialize in a field. I am currently drawn to being a psychiatric NP. The only con is SD is expensive to live in, and I would be away from Gucci.
2. SMU, Sacramento location: Waitlist #9
I am still hoping I get in. I don’t know how much the waitlist moves. I don’t see 9 people not wanting to accept, but you never know. However, I am nervous that the waitlist might not move down to my number until I am all packed and in SD about to start the program. I am hoping to hear back soon so I don’t have to pay the rest of the nonrefundable deposit to APU.
3. USF, SF location: Awaiting decision
I like that it is closer than SD, but I am not a huge fan of living in SF. It is too busy for, but the healthcare experience of working in such a big city would be phenomenal. This program would be more appealing if I didn’t end as an RN and CNL. My main goal is to be a NP so I would have to continue my education. I could also do it part-time while I work in Sacramento once I am done at USF. They do have on campus housing which is nice, but they are very expensive. I am hoping some of the people accepted to SMU will also be accepted to USF and decide to go to USF instead.

Any advice, knowledge on the process/subject, or sharing of similar experiences would be appreciated! I am losing my mind form anticipation. I can handle anything, but I cope by planning. I can’t plan if I don’t even know where I am going yet!