Have you ever had a dream so good that you just wanted to keep going back to sleep?
I have quite a few times.

Its almost like when the story is getting so good in a book you can’t put it down. Or when you breeze through seasons of a new tv series you found. It’s rare when I have a morning that I can actually have the option to go back to sleep hoping that I enter the same dream. I am pressing the “Next episode” button in my brain hoping I can reappear into the more exciting reality than the location of my bed I am imagining this all in. What makes our brain capable of being able to do this? Yet sometimes, when I wake up the dream (no matter how good) slips away as I get ready for my day.

Dreams are so mysterious. Mysterious because we have so much to learn about the brain still. While we have mastered many of the aspects important to the medical field, the other parts which seem to serve no medical purpose remain unknown. I think the brain has a depth to it that rivals the undiscovered parts of the ocean and the universe. We have only barely scraped the surface.

What does the dream mean? What does it say about myself? More curiously, why can I very rarely return to the same dream and keep it going nights, weeks, and sometimes even months apart?

My only way to deal with these particularly interesting dreams is to write about them. Once I used a dream for a essay contest in high school. I remember my teacher asked me to address the class with what my essay was about and how I thought of it. I could see the shock on the faces of my classmates when I told them it was a dream.

What is it about a dream that is so different from consciously using one’s imagination? I’m not sure.